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Team Golden Oldies


Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you will cross paths with an extraordinary person, my husband and I were lucky enough to meet two.  A peaceful seaside country town named Arakoon hosts Lisa and Ian Domeny a couple working together to care for rescued senior dogs.

 Lisa also writes award winning children’s stories. As an example “Winnie and the Red Winniebago” demonstrates that a caring community and society does not discard the elderly or disabled. The stories are told through the eyes of our precious canine friends.

 To top all that off in a busy day Lisa and Ian make lead light sculptures, the story behind the sculptures is unique. They also involve themselves in community events. Please visit all their pages; you won’t regret it….. All the links are below.

Team Golden Oldies follows the adventures of eight senior rescued dogs as they embrace their second chance of life. They spend their days sharing love and kindness, demonstrating that senior dogs are still capable of contributing and making a difference.

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Love and Light Leadlight Sculptures


Originally made for a friend with depression as a gift of Love and Light. The idea behind the sculptures is that there is no darkness so dense, so menacing or so difficult that it can not be overcome by light. Sculptures are made with love and proceeds from the sale of sculptures are used to fund the vet bills for Team Golden Oldies

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Team Golden Oldies Children's Books


Team Golden Oldies children's books feature positive and uplifting stories of a group of senior rescued dogs about overcoming life's challenges, friendship, and spreading love and kindness to make the world a better place. Themes include self-worth, self-acceptance. All proceeds go to not for profit dog rescue organisations throughout the world.

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Amanda Spring


I met Amanda through work and discovered she had a love of animals, and of course once I knew she could draw and I saw some of her work I  knew I had to have one of our boy Darbi .This was going to make an ideal  birthday present it for my husband. Well the rest is history and Darbi proudly poses on the wall overseeing his Dad.


I am a colour pencil artist specialising in pet portraits and wildlife. I enjoy the intricacies of drawing fur and making the eyes come to life. But mostly I love seeing the pet owners reactions when they see their beloved fur baby come to life on paper

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Instagram – amandaspringart