Canine Myofunctional Therapist

Sarah Christ


We have two 7-year-old German shepherd sisters (birth sisters – same day, same mum) - Jarrah and Willow. Both have some arthritis – Jarrah in both hips and left shoulder, and Willow in her right wrist. We would do anything – absolutely anything!!! - to ensure that their lives are as healthy and as pain free as possible - and now, I am sure that I have found that anything - Sarah and the Holistic Myofunctional Therapeutic Massage technique that she practices.

Jarrah’s hip and back muscles were tight and hard before her session with Sarah, and her gait was short. Both girls are very active but have been tiring quickly of late. After seeing Sarah, it was my wife who remarked that they both seemed to “Float across the yard with such a long and easy stride”. Now, a week later, we have just returned from a hectic swim and seagull chase session at the beach and they are still moving just as easily. I was so impressed with the results that I enrolled in the course for Canine Myofunctional Therapy, but it will be many years before I reach the skill level that Sarah possesses. CMT not only works on the dogs muscles, but its special techniques affect all the major systems in the dog such as: The central nervous system, the skin, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the digestive system, the skeletal and muscular system, and more….. It does this to achieve a state of Homeostasis (state of Balance in the whole dog). I believe, I now know, how to ensure my girls, not only live a healthier and more pain free life, but a longer and richer one as well. Thank you, Sarah, – you have opened my eyes. Why do you live so far away?

Just a quick extra note. Jarrah and Willow are lucky to have a very exceptional Vet who has also left a comment here, and yesterday she was showing me a video clip of her 9-year old arthritic dog MacGyver sprinting beside the car – at the end the video cuts to the speedo, and you see he is stretching it out easily at 40 kph., 7 days after a session with Sarah’s magic hands – Amazing!!

                                                                                                                                                                                 Peter Christian

Wow, what can I say....
Not only was this a therapeutic and amazing session for my 9 year old kelpie with hip arthritis... But for me, as a veterinarian, it was an educational, highly interesting and exciting experience. Sarah is an incredibly passionate, talented and yet very humble person. She not only assesses your dogs’ conformation, gait and musculoskeletal weaknesses, but also their personality so that she can effectively tailor the treatment to each individual.

In theory, as a veterinarian, I can see how beneficial myofunctional therapy could be for dogs with musculoskeletal injuries (both acute and chronic), arthritis, the geriatric patient and those pets recovering from muscular, joint or bone surgery. As a passionate and dedicated pet owner, I saw first hand how beneficial her service and expertise really is. In less than an hour of a variation of functional massage techniques, stretching and manipulation, MacGyver was striding out and playing on the beach as if he was a puppy again. Sarah you are an asset to the animal health industry and I would strongly recommend your services.

Dr. Shae

Our dog, Ponty, has a back leg injury after a day at the beach from running, twisting and playing too hard. The result was a visit to the vet, medication for joint pain and inflammation, along with rest. To help with Ponty's recovery, I contacted Sarah and made an appointment to see her. Sarah's expertise, passion and love of animals promoted a positive and relaxed experience for Ponty. Her work has been so beneficial for our dog's recovery and well-being. I look forward to continued sessions and would highly recommend her services. Thank you Sarah...                                                       
“Maddie was relaxed and content with her massage today. She rarely allows people to get this close, but Maddie has been very comfortable with Sarah. Very happy”, and “Hey Sarah, Maddie worked better than ever tonight at agility. A lot better with her movements and more agile too, and faster too. I don’t know if I should thank you for that as it was hard to keep up. I would honestly put it down to how far you were able to push her this morning with her massage. Very happy, thankyou”. 

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